Playwright Betty Pinckney
Betty's Vision
Betty's vision is to promote the use of drama as an effective tool for ministry in the church, the community, and throughout the world.   
Betty has been writing, acting, and producing  Inspirational plays since 2007.  Her humble beginnings started when she was asked by a dear friend to write a Christmas skit for the youth at her home church. Reluctanty, Betty agreed to write the skit. That was the beginning of Betty discovering that she had a gift from God. God began to give her visions, stories, and songs that made a great impact in the lives of those who were involved in the play as well as those who came to see it. Betty knows the importance of her gift and use it as a witnessing tool to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her favorite saying is "God take my life and do something with it." God has done exactly that. She is a Native of Philadelphia. The wife to Pastor Derrick Pinckney and mother of two children, Derrick and Kayla Pinckney. Betty has done plays and skits in churches, halls, and theaters. As a proud member of the Urban Playwrights United, Betty plans on giving back to the community by partnering with others to expand the work and assignment that has been given to her.
The mission of drama ministry is to present the message of God's love, grace, forgiveness, judgment, and salvation through dramatic presentations that will entertain, educate, uplift, restore, and encourage the audience and everyone involved to live for Christ.