Written by Betty Pinckney

“If Walls Could Talk, They Would Tell Secrets.”

If Walls Could Talk, They Would Tell Secrets

If Walls Could Talk, They Would Tell Secrets is a full-length book written by playwright and author Betty Pinckney. The book is a conclusion of the two-part play that Mrs. Pinckney wrote about the Wynnefield family that was living in defeat because of their past. When the patriarch of the family died, Lillian and her three daughters found themselves going in a downward spiral. Lillian, the matriarch of the family, tried to move on with her life and brought her new love interest into her home. He violates Lillian's trust, but she adopted a motto from her mother. "What goes on in this house, stays in this house." The family continued to be seriously affected by the secrets of the past. Lillian knew she had to agree to a family intervention if she wanted to save her family. Revealing the past secrets helped the Wynnefield family learn that every problem has a root, and true healing will never take place until the deep dark secrets are revealed. Lillian vowed to reverse the generational curse and regains her strength to help the family maintain their healing.

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“Only You”

Sheila Johnson is a beautiful, educated, successful, bestseller romance author who likes the finer things in life. She graduated with her master's degree from Temple University in creative writing. She lives in a beautiful house in Newton Square PA. She is well respected in the book writing world and enjoys creating romances that makes her fans cry.
But when she is introduced to Stanley Thomas, the new building maintenance supervisor in her office building, her whole life is turned upside down. In his mind, he is her biggest fan, but it turns out he is not who he says he is. He is a rapist, stalker, and murderer. He is clearly not the man to be trifled with. Suffering from mental illness, he dreams of being with Sheila romantically like the characters in her romance books. But Sheila meets Lucas Warren, a famous screenwriter and producer. The two start a relationship and fall in love. Stanley vows not to let that happen because it’s their love story Sheila writes about. Sheila has to file a restraining order on him, but that doesn’t do anything but makes him angry. Day and night he obsesses over her pictures and even built a shrine of her. Stanley kidnaps her and tries to get them to leave town, so they can get married. Sheila has to distract him and get to her gun. She has to fight for her life. Little does she realize, the ramifications of her fight will be felt forever.

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My Two Sons tells the life story of Sadie Holmes and her family. Sadie is a young woman from “The Richard Allen” projects in Philadelphia, PA. She meets and marries the love of her life, Booker Holmes. They are excited to have their first child, but to their surprise, the doctor discovers there are two heartbeats, not one. Sadie is having twins. The feeling of excitement and nervousness embraces her as she welcomes her fraternal twin sons into the world. They are the first twins in the family, and their personalities are as far apart as the east is from the west. Vincent is sweet spirited, ambitious, and college driven. His life’s journey is always upward, excelling, and reaching new heights. He is a trailblazer, and breaks barriers by becoming a college graduate, lawyer, and first black man to become “The Attorney General” of Missouri. He is a son every parent dreams of. His brother Victor is high spirited, makes daredevil moves, and falls into the street life. His life is headed downward. He knows his family wants nothing but the best for him, but he rejects it. He abandons his family for the streets. The lifestyle of a gangster consumes him. His participation in unlawful crimes gets him a twenty-year prison sentence. One son gives Sadie tears of joy, and the other one, tears of sorrow. Despite their differences, Sadie loves them both unconditionally. She suffers from disappointments, losses, and challenges, but they do not tear her down. She finds strength through it all until she is hit with an unexpected turn of event without advance warning. She is betrayed by one of her sons, but Sadie is learning that sometimes, it is the dramatic turn of events in our lives that leads us in the direction that were always meant for us. Find out what happens to the Holmes family in this amazing story about a Mother’s selfless, endless, unconditional love for her sons.  

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Brotherly Deception Book 1 Pride

Brotherly Deception is a riveting story about Andre Banks, an African American man, born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. He forms a friendship that turns into a brotherhood with two friends at the age of twelve. The brotherhood strengthens and remains well into their adulthood. Success overshadows all three of them. Andre becomes one of Philadelphia’s most successful criminal defense lawyers. He is living his best life when he is promoted to co- partner of one of America’s prestigious law firms and is accepted as one of Pennsylvania’s top ten criminal defense lawyers in the nation. He doesn't know his downward spiral is near. His enemies want to see him destroyed. He soons find out some enemies are close to him and disguise themselves as friends and family. It's a story about broken trust in relationships. It will expose three vices that are hidden in friendships and family circles; Pride, Jealousy, and Betrayal.

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Brotherly Deception Book 2 Jealousy

When Andre Banks was accused of stealing from his clients’ accounts, he wanted to take his life. Not being able to practice law is equal to not living. He does some soul searching and admits to his prideful ways, but things don't get any better. As a matter of fact, things gets worse. He finds out the true meaning of jealousy the hard way. Someone he thought he could trust was trying to destroy him because of jealousy. Everything around him was falling apart. Will he continue to run  away from his problems or finally be brave enough to face them?

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